More information about energy, Energy is a key economic, environmental, social and security issue for Asia. Challenging industry and government to think and act in innovative ways is a necessary and constructive way forward, if the growing needs of the region are to be met while ensuring long-term sustainable development. The 2012 Asian Energy & Carbon Training Week (AECTW) is an exciting 5-day Professional Development program, designed to equip executives and policy makers with practical skills, knowledge and experience, and networks to manage carbon and energy issues in an increasingly complex policy and business environment. The Training Week is for participants from organisations who recognise and wish to build capacity and strategies to respond to the emerging risks and opportunities presented by domestic and global carbon and energy markets. As an “end-to-end” management course it is valuable for participants from all backgrounds and of all levels of knowledge.

There are several home improvement ideas that could be implemented to increase the value of your home while making it more beautiful. Putting these ideas into action will make your home more livable, enhancing the comfort you experience daily. More than this though, making use of home improvement ideas to make your home better is a prudent investment.

When the term ‘home improvement' is used, the most common mental image people have Do – It – Yourself (DIY) package. While home improvement can be DIY, it goes beyond that to professional installations and repairs. Home improvement projects range from a simple paint job to complete remodeling.
There are a number of home improvement projects which over time have become the most commonly undertaken, they are: Kitchen remodeling; Bathroom remodeling and additions; heating system installation; and window replacement among others. From these, there are countless ideas which you could implement to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.

The kitchen is a nice place to start when considering a home improvement project. Getting your kitchen to have that new and shiny look is a good start. The biggest challenge here would be the kitchen cabinets. To get around this, you could either remodel with new cabinets or reface the ones you already have; this will depend on your budget as remodeling your kitchen cabinets will cost twice as much as refacing the existing cabinets.

Another home improvement idea when working with your kitchen would be to change the kitchen flooring. The kitchen floor can make a world of difference to the overall look of the kitchen. Kitchen flooring comes in different selections these days. You have a choice of hardwood floors, ceramic and stone tiles. You could also decide to use laminate flooring, which is a pretty new but increasingly popular option.

The bathroom is another prime area of a house when it comes to home improvement. If and when you decide to put your home on the market, the bathroom is one place that could easily put off a potential buyer. So directing some attention that way can only be an advantage, especially as you get to enjoy a more comfortable surrounding as a result.

When it comes to the bathroom, there are several home improvement ideas that could be applied. Here, a change of tiles could just be what your bathroom needs for a more modern look. Adding wainscoting or changing the one that is already there could give the bathroom a more finished look. You might want to change the bathtub or add another one; there are just so many interesting one could do to give added beauty to a bathroom and make it more upscale.

Changing your windows to sliding windows, picture windows, bay windows or any of the many window styles available can also make a difference to the look of your house.

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